12:30 - 15:30
  Location: Centro de Formação Pós-Graduada, Universidade do Minho – Campus de Couros, Rua de Vila Flor, 166, 4810 - 453 Guimarães, Portugal, Room: à Formação 04 (ground floor)

Delivering the KT/TT Function: Office and Mandate Structures Explored

Once an institution has decided to embrace a mission that includes encouraging its research base to become active around the identification and exploitation of research results, there are several models which can be explored to determine which approach may work best for each institution. This master class will review and compare several key topics around which the operational structures have been designed. There is no one best model, hence looking at the models already running across different institutions can be a useful inspiration.

Trainer: Art Bos, Senior business development manager, IXA Office VU/VUmc, the Netherlands