Andrew Carlin is currently Head of Enterprise Services at University of Reading (UK), from January 2018, he will be taking up a role as chief executive of the North West European region (UK, Ireland & Iceland) of EIT Food (www.eitfood.eu).
Andrew has worked in public-private technology transfer, innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange since first taking up an IP licensing role at Sheffield Hallam University in 2000. This move into technology transfer came after a period as a researcher and lecturer in IP law at Sheffield University, where he earned a law degree in 1997.

From an academic career start researching copyright management and rights licensing in the music industry, Andrew subsequently worked extensively at building licensing and consultancy business around Sheffield Hallam’s long-established school of art & design, product & packaging design consultancy, materials and coating expertise and burgeoning games software design activities. Alongside these commercial activities, Andrew also led the university’s research contracts function.
Moving to University of Reading in 2006, Andrew began restructuring and modernising the university’s commercial contracting capabilities, contributing to growth in industry collaboration and co-development relationships. In 2011 this business area was combined with IP management and technology transfer under Andrew’s leadership. Andrew has since acted as company director on behalf of the university in big data analytics and engineering spin-outs and has also represented the university in its seed fund and proof of concept activities.
Having been a member of both AURIL and PraxisUnico since 2000, Andrew became more involved in leadership of these professional associations in recent times, initially coming to ASTP-Proton and the NAAC as an AURIL board representative. The experience of working with colleagues from other National Associations led Andrew to participating in the joint director’s group which planned and negotiated the merger of AURIL & PraxisUnico to form the single UK national Association PraxisAURIL in 2017.
Andrew is currently Vice President for the NAAC on the Board of ASTP-Proton.

W: www.eitfood.eu