Filipe Macieira is the founder of Fermentum, Lda a spin-out company from the University of Minho.

As a student of Biological Engineering at the University of Minho his dissertation, as part of an Erasmus programme, was undertaken in the Czech Republic on the theme of brewing. Following the masters in Biological Engineering in Food Technology, he attended FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto) as the main researcher in the field of fluid dynamics.

In February 2012 Filipe Macieira and Francisco Pereira, colleagues from the course of Biological Engineering founded Fermentum, Lda the company that owns LETRA craft beer brand and brewery. The two engineers designed and assembled all the equipment of the brewery in Vila Verde – Braga and in July of 2013 LETRA beer reached the market with for each from LETRA corresponding to a different style of beer.

To date, Fermentu has developed 65 different beers, the earlier beers were developed using indigenous wine grape from the Minho and Douro region. Collaborations abroad with other beer brands is a focus of the company who are currently marketing the brand in 6 different countries.