Luís Soares, Strategy Director (CSO), Health Cluster Portugal (HCP), Portugal

A graduate of Applied Biology from the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal), in 2006, Luís gained a PhD from the same University.

Luís Soares integrates the HCP’s executive team, initially holding the position of Project Manager, then as Director of Studies and Planning, and currently as Strategy Director (CSO) and as Coordinator of TRIS-HCP | Translational and Clinical Research Infrastructures Specialisation Platform – Health Cluster Portugal.
He represents HCP in the GPPQ’s Monitoring Technical Group of the Societal Challenge “Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing” of Horizon 2020, and in FCT’s process of elaboration of the Research & Innovation Agenda on Health and Clinical and Translational Research. He integrates the Think Tank “Innovation in Health”. Occasionally, he collaborates on doctoral programmes in health. He participates in evaluation panels of R&D/entrepreneurship projects and in expert panels of European projects.